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More of my nearly monochrome world. Grays days give definition to shapes on the plain backgrounds of snow and sky. There is still much beauty to absorb.

The top of the fog was just a few hundred feet above here yesterday. I took advantage of that headed to the Methow Trails Chickadee trailhead and enjoyed a couple of hours of skate skiing on perfectly groomed trails in the sunshine. Despite a few cars in the parking lot, I seldom saw any other skiers. It is amazing to have such a terrific trail system in my own backyard!

I like to wait til there is deep soft pillowy snow before I try sledding. Right now the snow still has a crust on it but new snow is falling so it could be nice soon. That didn’t stop Ken from giving it a try. He just got a new plastic sled to replace the one that burned up in the fire so it was time to give it a spin. He said it was very fast and it certainly did take him almost to the edge. That’s why I like the deep soft pillowy and slow snow!

Christmas is done; it’s almost New Year’s; the Solstice is passed and the days are getting longer. It’s snowing this morning. The sled run is ready to go. Here are a few images from yesterday morning.

Temperatures have been cold for the last week or so with lows in the single digits. Brrr. Ice is forming on the lakes and ponds but most of it is too thin for walking. We did find a shallow area of a pond that seemed safe. The bubbles in the ice were fascinating. I wonder if they are from the decomposing wood in the water below? We could see them in the middle of the ice and also where it looked like they were at the bottom surface of the ice. We guessed that it was about three inches thick. Farther out in the deeper area, it looked cracked and we avoided it. Some folks have said they could see fish and turtles under the ice but we had no such luck.


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